Mini Cooper Services, Repairs and Maintenance

Autonology Motor Service is Chicago lands premiere destination for Mini Cooper repair. With factory trained technicians and factory diagnositc equipment, Autonology is equiped to provide you with all your car care needs at a fraction of what you may pay at the dealer.

Mini Cooper Services and Repairs

  • Regularyly scheduled maintenance
  • Full maintenance
  • Check engine light and driveability repair
  • Engine repairs

Air Conditioning Systems

  • Heating system repairs
  • Emission system repair
  • Brake and ABS systems repair
  • Steering & suspension systems
  • Electrical system repair
  • Exhaust system repair
  • Inspection I and II
  • CVT transmission repair
  • Transmission service
  • Filters (AIR, CABINF, FUEL)
  • Tune up
  • Oil change